Integrative Hands-on Bodywork and Subtle-Energy Exploration of Consciousness

  • bringing support, ease, and relaxation to your physical body and emotions
  • decreasing pain, increasing movement and well-being
  • finding peace and perspective with what is going on within and around you
  • setting the space for fulfilling change in your life
  • bringing joy and flow to your experience
  • stepping into the next stages of your growth and life

This work combines hands-on bodywork (Ortho-Bionomy®) and subtle-energy work (Flow Alignment and Connection™, Physical Atomic Cellular Evolution™, Reiki, and Building the Golden Body™) — bodywork which powerfully supports your body’s ability to release, reorganize and heal itself all the while going into comfort and away from pain, and energy work which can be thought of as a catalytic space for evolution and growth, a transmission of high frequencies of light and love (which can be experienced as being held in a space of relaxation and nurturance) to help you come into greater ease (physically, emotionally, mentally) and deeper alignment with your intent and higher purpose.

Topsoil in an Ortho-Bionomy sessionIn a session we start by discussing the focus or direction for the work, finding a statement of intent by listening for what would support you in your next steps.

Possible areas of focus include:

  • Physical Ease and Well-being,
  • Emotional Healing,
  • Shifting a challenging situation,
  • Letting go of a point of view that no longer fits who you are becoming,
  • Living with more joy,
  • Living more in alignment with your life purpose, or
  • Whatever would serve you most.

Clear about intentions we begin the bodywork.  Allow about an hour and a half for the session. 

This work is done clothed.

The standard rate for a session is $125.

Hands-on sessions are available in person at my home near 16th and Church in San Francisco. 

Subtle energy work is available long distance by phone or Skype.

(Ortho-Bionomy® is a registered trademark of the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International, Inc. and is used with permission.)


white flowers

"I'm still feeling and seeing the effects of my session with you. I said it felt as if energetic structures that held me in old patterns had shifted and indeed they have and continue to! Thank you so much. I'd love to have more sessions with you. It feels so
right on, man."

~ Varian P.

"The shifts for which [Topsoil] holds space unfold with ease and power… I have greatly benefited from his work with me."

~ Heron Saline, CHT CMT