Co-creative Growth — Radiant Reflection™

Supporting growth, learning, and staying healthy in work, in relation, and in life

  • "Untangle" complex situations
  • Resolve stuckness
  • Deepen your awareness and build consciousness
  • Find more centered and authentic places to live and work from
  • Create more alignment with purpose and meaning
  • Open to more co-creative potential

Radiant Reflection™ is a form of reflective practice and spiritual direction. It is for anyone who is called to be more conscious in their living, to see through “problems” and “stuck places” in favor of more flow and greater ease and choice. It is a way of exploring who we are and how we relate to the world and of reorganizing in greater flow and alignment in ways that honor what is authentic to us thus opening to greater peace and fulfillment.

In sessions I invite you to bring a topic or area for exploration.  It can be anything you would like to bring more awareness to.  For example:

  1. something that generates so much emotion that you are overwhelmed,
  2. a repeating pattern where you seem to be at the mercy of others or circumstance,
  3. a place where you keep making choices that don’t fit with what you are consciously intending to create, or simply
  4. an area where you have questions and want to investigate

Together we explore with conscious awareness through speaking and in silence.

The approach of Radiant Reflection™ is integrative and supportive. It builds deeper awareness and understanding on a base of supportive, catalytic, transformative energy by combining the skills and focus of reflective practice (i.e. the supervision developed for helping professionals) with expansive soul-based energywork.1

It is all about opening to learning and development, not about finding fault or fixing; it is about honoring a deeper reality, a more whole perspective, that finds truth in the different points of view held in a situation while looking for how to be with those different points of view in a way that allows growth and movement—embracing and evolving rather than resisting or fighting.

Sessions are in person, on the phone, or via Skype and last an hour. The standard rate is $125/session.

1 Building the Golden Body developed by Amy Skezas.


road to St Michael's Mount

"The whole purpose of spiritual direction is to penetrate beneath the surface of our lives, get behind the façade of conventional gestures and attitudes which we present to the world, and draw out our inner spiritual freedom."

~ Thomas Merton