What Is PACE Bodywork?

PACE supports your growth process and helps you make shifts in issues of:

  • physical vitality and well-being
  • emotional patterns and histories
  • thought and beliefs
  • spiritual expansion, illumination, and integration.

In PACE, your practitioner enters expanded states of consciousness and focuses on your physical organs, chakras, aura, and the cellular and atomic levels of your being. From these states, your growth issues are more tangible. With greater awareness, you can better understand your past choices and possibilities for new ways of being.

Your cells, physical organs, chakras, aura, and other structures absorb and store energy that you were not able to process fully, easily, or consciously. This storage continues until you are ready to release the held energy and live in greater flow and freedom.

PACE assists you in that liberation. PACE illuminates these areas of storage and constriction to help the energy disentangle, coming apart in order to come back together into a higher form.

All the different structures and levels of your being are part of one whole. PACE shines a bright light of consciousness to bring greater unity, cooperation, communication, and ease to these different parts of you. By increasing the ways your systems work together, instead of conflict, you can create harmony; instead of blockages, you can create flow.

What to expect in a PACE session

PACE is applicable to all systems and levels of being that have organizational structures.

PACE can be experienced in any quiet and calm environment, when you will not be disturbed. You can receive PACE in person or long distance with equally good results.

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As a PACE client you remain fully clothed. Some practitioners touch the body and some practitioners do all their work off the body. During a session you are in a comfortable position and may relax so deeply that you fall asleep.

Your practitioner may suggest guided meditation journeys, gentle physical stretching, contemplations, or other exercises to help you keep the energy moving and flowing between sessions.

Your practitioner works with you to determine how many sessions you have, and how often. Some practitioners combine PACE with other helping modalities.

PACE is not a substitute for appropriate medical treatment or therapy, and PACE practitioners are not authorized to diagnose or treat disease. Instead, PACE focuses on you as a whole being, structures and processes connected through consciousness.

PACE is recognized by the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP). PACE was conceived of and developed by Amy Skezas of Roselight in 1994. For more information, visit www.roselight.com.

Your practitioner

Topsoil has completed advanced training to learn to “listen” at the different levels of your being with respect, compassion, love, and joy and offers this energy and consciousness to support your unique gifts in blooming.



PACE focuses on spiritual evolution, the spiral of life that brings all beings into higher flow and expressions. In its ordinary timeline, evolution is a slow process, with many births and deaths over millions of years. In PACE you accelerate your personal path of spiritual evolution. In PACE you come apart and come back together in your energy patterns so that you can manifest new ways of being.

We invite you to explore the wonder and adventure of your accelerated evolution into light.

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“I felt tremendously connected and supported in my process… I am truly grateful for the growth and sharing that occurred… I was thrilled to see how each journey expanded my perception."

~ K. Donahue

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