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Co-Creation with the Golden Body™
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A Course in Exploration of Consciousness

Over 6 monthly meetings we will explore:

Generating energy that enhances flow, that is catalytic and integrative, that feels nurturing and is transformative.

Placing that energy in your life — in your work, relationships and projects.

Having that energy to be of service to others and to the world.


Co-creation with the Golden Body: A class with meditations, discussions, sharing, and exercises.


6:30 PM Pacific
April 9, May 14, June 11, July 9, Aug 13, Sept 10, 2015


This course will be held by teleconference.




Co-Creation with the Golden Body™


Amy Skezas, developer of the Golden Body™ work writes:

Nature spirits use golden light to build and structure every form, from pea plants to foxes to you! Golden energies are part of the fabric of life on Earth.

What is new is that human beings typically do not have the capacity to generate more of these energies, nor to tap into them at will to create more beauty and harmony.

You can awaken and build your Golden Body for use in healing, business, family, anywhere in your life where more beauty and harmony would be welcome.

As you go deeper into Golden Body you get in touch with the place of coming-forth, the transition from the void of formlessness into manifestation. This is a powerful place from which to practice conscious co-creation, with human partners and with the universe...

Golden Body energies are "closer" to matter than some of the farther-out practices we teach and are useful for beginners as well as experienced meditators. They are particular well suited for enhancing reflective practice work (see for example our Peer Triangles titles) because you are "in" your body and emotions and yet able to bring illumination and insight to stuck places.

(to find Amy and more of her work:


“I felt tremendously connected and supported in my process… I am truly grateful for the growth and sharing that occurred… I was thrilled to see how each journey expanded my perception."

~ K. Donahue